How to enjoy?


100% Pure Sayama Leaf

Sayama, one of the most ideal place to produce tea products in Japan. The city is famous for our special product called " OCHA", the best of the Sayama barnd green tea that can be only produced very few amount each year because of its high qualified craftsmanship of making process by the Tea masters.
OCHA will meet your aromatic and health conscious needs simultaneously, and exceed your expectation!

Try now, you will experience Japanese traditions.

Where is Sayama city?

Drip Bag

 You can take OCHA easily!

Two Japanese traditional tastes

Green is Genmaicha which made by roasted rice and Ocha.
Red is HOUJICHA which made by roasted Ocha.

Clean and Safe Farm

 We just only use the leaf which made in Sayama city. The contracted farm is very clean and safe.

Constracted Farmer : YOKOTAEN